DrNI: KlingKlangDingDong

d.em002, released June 2009

Track List and Preview

Track Name Length
Die silbern schillernde Maschine im Wald 18:37
Blühende Steppe im Abendlicht 8:06
Elektrische Elfen im Tübinger Neckarnebel 6:40
Muhbarg Atonal 3:45


This record contains CC-licensed material. The following samples where taken from Freesound: Samples in track 1: Ding Hits by Adcbicycle, Partridges by Dobroide, BowlHTc and Z1 by Hanstimm, Walking in Snow by Spandau. Samples in track 3: Rain On Window by Pcaeldries. Artwork background picture from Flickr: Landscape with Cloud by Dsevilla.

All tracks written by Niels 'DrNI' Ott. Recorded and mixed by Niels Ott. This record has been created using open source software.


You can download this album from Jamendo for free.