d.em008, released September 2014

Track List

Track Name Length
Mellow Mellau 1: The Beginning 5:11
Between2Eternities 3:48
Transient Dream 4:02
Sense of Truth, Part 1 3:32
Sense of Truth, Part 2 3:25
Mellow Mellau 2: The Ending 3:32


This record is an effort by many creative minds. In the order of appearance: Niels Ott: production, mixdown, words and music, acoustic bass guitar, piano, syn­thesizers, percuss­ion, master­mind, cover artwork. Ramon Ziai: electric bass guitar, percussion. Benjamin Stroh­maier: vocals. Gisela Wirtz: cello. Jürgen Kost: tablas, frame drum. Diana Hübner: magic, words, vocals. Christian Schu­macher: saxo­phone.

Cover image credit: Space Telescope Science Institute.


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