ChillLive – Best of 2009

d.em003, released February 2010

Track List and Preview

Track Name Length
First Contact 10:36
Sitar for Two 8:17
Ghost Galleon from Outer Space (Part 2) 3:58
Bandmaschinen Special 4:59
Wellenberg 2:53
Rhythmodrom 5:32
Magnesium + Calcium 7:39
F-Moll 6:47
Noch Eins 5:16


The following people were involved in playing the above pieces live on stage during the ChillLive sessions of the year 2009: Benjamin Strohmaier (keys), Christoph Klinger (synths), Jens Maier (synths), Niels 'DrNI' Ott (synths, bass), Peter Makarov (perc), Ramon Ziai (bass), Roland Jansen (mixing console, synths), Sonja Walker (synths), Thorsten Hans (git), Till Kopper (synths), Tobias Heide (perc, loops), Wolfgang Hillermann (midi-git, synths)

All tracks have been recorded live by Roland Jansen. Post-mixing and mastering: Roland Jansen, Tobias Heide. Cover artwork: Roland Jansen.


You can download this album from Jamendo for free.